Frequently Asked Questions

As a receiver do I need to pay anything for using the e-invoice service?

Viewing, paying and archiving the invoices has no costs whatsoever for the users.

Who can I contact in case questions arise?

With invoicing related queries turn to the invoice issuer, with other questions however you can contact the AppSol Inc. customer service at

Who to contact in case of an invoice complaint?

If you disagree with the content of your invoice, please, contact the customer service of the invoice issuer directly.

How do I know if I received a new electronic invoice?

Anytime a new invoice lands in your inbox you will be notified by AppSol Inc. via e-mail.

Would a printed version of the e-invoice be accepted when dealing with official matters?

No, it would not. Printed versions of electronic invoices are not accepted at offices.

How can I pay the invoices by card?

There is an icon next to those invoices that can be settled by card. If your card is suitable for online payments, you can simply pay your invoices online.

What happens to my invoice if I do not pay until the deadline?

Your e-invoice is preserved by AppSol Inc. and you will find it amongst your pending invoices as long as it gets payed or the issuer sends a correction (invoice cancellation).

How can you guarantee that the electronically issued invoice will not be tampered?

An electronic signature together with a timestamp ensures that the e-invoice cannot be altered subsequently. A verifying application can be downloaded from the ’E-invoice Verification’ menu.

Is it unsafe if I pay by card?

Paying by card here is not any riskier than it would be at any other places on the Internet.

Who can see my electronic invoices?

Only the persons who have a valid user name and password in their possession can view and pay the bills.