Anywhere, anytime?

Use all the benefits and comfort of being online.

In just a couple of minutes you can issue, amend, send,
process and archive your invoices. Available from any device,
anywhere and anytime. Our online service makes it all possible
with a single click.

Saving is when... don’t even spend and save on all invoices.

Paper invoices generate several additional costs: posting, shipping and messenger fee, not to mention the time spent with procurement and the travel costs. In case of e-invoicing you can forget all about the unnecessary expenses.


A clear case: environment is in good hands with us.

Fill in online, send and store. No unwanted or associated costs, no exhaust fumes, no printings or paper usage. This is how our e-billing service keeps your environment safe from unnecessary load.

Archives, storage?

It is safe since only You can see it.

We store your e-invoices in an audited server park: it is absolutely safe and complies with regulations. Retrieval is quick and easy and your invoices are always available for you to ensure a workflow without difficulties.


We deal with it, so you do not have to.

We keep track of the amendments of regulations and legislative
provisions, so in case of a modification our service will be
updated within five working days. You will hear about any
changes on time, thus you can forget about rejected invoices.

Need help?

Telephone, E-mail, Viber, Skype... Everywhere.

We are there to answer your questions, fulfill your specific needs in accordance with regulations or make other proposals to accomplish them.Anywhere, anytime, on any device we are there for you.

Invoice Layout?

Have a distinct look for your invoice.

Why not have something different? Stand out from the crowd: a unique looking invoice attracts attention. Create the look of your invoice to your liking or provide more information so that your business can be recognised even faster and more easily.


It can easily be integrated with any systems.

You can also use our e-invoicing service even if you do not want to leave your usual well-established system. E-invoices can easily be added to existing softwares websites or to intranets - even to Your system, as well.

By card? Accepted.

Pay conveniently even from home.

E-invoices can be settled online by card, by virtual wallet solutions or even by traditional banking transactions regardless of your whereabouts. It is a great help and a real ease for your customers: they are going to love it.