Electronic Invoice Info

E-invoice is an open and platform independent electronic invoicing and payment system based upon international standards and reccomendations. It is designed to safely issue and receive authentic electronic invoices through the Internet.

Our service, which entirely lacks paper invoices, complies regulations on electronic invoices (Act CXXVII. of 2007 on Value Added Tax) and recommendations specified in the official statement of 2009. 10. 26. of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary about the interpretation of some provisions relating to electronically issued invoices.

An authentic electronic invoice is always affixed with an electronic signature and a timestamp to certify issue date.

Due to adhering to standards our service can easily be integrated into already existing invoicing and/or accounting softwares. Accounting can be done even at the click of a button, or in case of any revisions, or bank or official data requests the e-invoice can be presented on a data-storage medium (CD, DVD).