Being Economical

By using e-invoices you can cut down on the operational costs of your business as...

  • You do not have to calculate with postage anymore; 
  • There is no need for printed matters, no more paper usage and printing costs; 
  • Your bills will be lower since you use less electronic devices; 
  • There is no need for a seperate storage place for your documents as you can store your invoices credibly in an electronic form.

Not only your expenses will be decreasing, but by reducing the time you spend with invoicing related tasks...

  • Economical processes will speed up, as you have more time to deal with other things; 
  • Payments will be made without queuing and adjusting to office hours, in a time chosen by the receiver of the invoice; 
  • Additional services offered by the service providers (itemized call logs, traffic data, bulletins, etc.) can also easily be handled; 
  • Incoming e-invoices from the service providers can be managed, paid and archived in a single and secure environment.